About Me

With a Degree in Communication Science, and Diplomas in Digital Marketing and Festival Organization and Management, Giovanna Olivares had found herself in a stable job at home in Mexico City. Her family and friends had always been her first priority, but her job at a digital marketing agency, while helping her realize that she wanted to pursue marketing, had become routine. She found herself in search of something more.

She desired a life with security and enough freedom to manage her time and be able to travel. With a new-found desire to work toward a better future for herself, she was inspired her to further her education. Her path led her to Canada, where she was accepted into the Fashion Marketing Diploma program at the former Art Institute of Vancouver, now LaSalle College Vancouver.

It was here that she developed a better sense of self. She has good interpersonal skills, which she has developed in the fast-paced work environments she has experienced in Vancouver and is developing strong leadership skills. She is influenced by her love of all kinds of media and creative expression, and has cultivated her signature style: comfortable skater and punk-infused streetwear. She doesn’t conform to trends or stereotypes, and prefers to use clothing as a way of personal expression.